Yamaha Rhino 50 Inch Curved LED Light Bar Bracket Combo


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LED Light Bar Mounting Bracket COMBO for Yamaha Rhino - Includes Brackets and 50" Curved (Radius) LED Light Bar

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LED Light Bar Mounting Bracket COMBO for Yamaha Rhino - Includes Brackets and 50" Curved (Radius) LED Light Bar

Clamp on brackets allow you to brow mount a 50" Curved LED light bar on your Yamaha Rhino. Fits both 2 and 4 seat, all years. USA made from 1/8" steel plating with a black powdercoat finish. Clamps directly to stock factory roll cage. These brackets provide a very stiff, solid mounting point at the top of your A pillars for insanely powerful LED lighting.

50 inch Curved LED light bar:
Contoured to closely match the radius contour of most windshields and front bumpers found on trucks and SUVs. Curved design will illuminate everything in and around the forward path of your vehicle. Black painted aluminum housing with integral heatsink and polycarbonate lens.

Fits the following Yamaha models:

- Rhino 2 and 4 seat (2004-2013)


Mounting Brackets:

- Hand Made in the USA!
- Designed for a 50" Straight LED
- Clamps directly to factory cage
- Made from 1/8" steel plating
- Black powder coat finish to match your stock cage
- Lifetime Warranty!

Light Bar:

- 50 Inch Radius Light Bar (Curved)
- Operates on 9-36 Volts DC including 12 and 24 Volts
- Flood and spot combo beam
- 96 LED bulbs @ 3 watts each, 288 watts total
- Pivoting mounting system
- 29,400 lumens, 6000k
- 4 amps on 12 volts, 2 amp on 24 volts
- 68 IP rating (can be submerged in water)
- Durable high impact housing
- 150,000 hours life expectancy
- 2 wire installation
- 1 Year Warranty!
- Size: 50"(L) x 2.7"(H ) x 3"(D)

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