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On/Off/On Blue -  50 Caliber Racing On/Off Rocker Switch - This rocker switch is a 20 amp switch and can be used for 12 or 24 Volt applications.  These are completely waterproof and can be used in UTV's, Boats, Cars, Trucks, Sand Rails, as well as any other vehicle.

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Our 50 Caliber Racing LED rocker switches are super bright and top quality.  These rocker switches will withstand anything that you can throw at them. Weather it is sand, desert heat, dirt, mud, monsoon rains, blizzard snow or any of mother nature‚Äôs extreme fury.  These 50 Caliber Racing rocker switches will get the job done with a smile on your face. 



- High Quality 50 Caliber Racing Branded Switch
- 20 amp On/Off/On  LED illuminated rocker switch
- 12 volt or 24 volt application
- 6 prong connection
- Waterproof ( Marine Rated )
- Original 50 Caliber Racing Design
- Copyright Protected

50 Caliber Racing has been in business since 2002 making and selling high quality off-road parts.  We offer great products at great prices.  We like to be safe and have fun just like everyone else, which is why we test and use the products we sell before we offer them to our customers.  A product must pass our extreme testing process to be good enough for our customers. Make sure to bookmark us, to come back and take a look regularly as we are always adding exciting new products to our inventory.