Yamaha Rhino 4 seat Roll Cage


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Yamaha Rhino 4 seater Roll Cage More info below or call 702-889-1741 to discuss details.

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Yamaha Rhino 4 seat Roll Cage. Fits 2004-2013 (must specify year when ordering)

$650 is for bare roll cage only, does not include aluminum roof.
We're offering a special on Rhino Cages! Roof w/visor, led bar tabs, and whip tab for $915.

- DOM Tubing used on 4 Seat Roll Cages (main structural tubes)
- 1.75 inch mild steel tubing
- .095 thickness tubing
- Aluminum roof fastened with dzus tabs
- Built in visor on roof
- 1 whip tabs in rear of cage
- 2 tabs for light bar of your choice 20, 30, or 40" (light bar is not included)
- Quick & Easy Installation
- Much stronger and safer than a stock cage!
- 2" lower than stock cage height
- Any changes can be made to the cage, ad bars, grab handle, cooler racks, etc... (additional costs apply)

****Popular ad ons****
- Aluminum Roof $300
- Curved Rear View Mirror $65 (includes mirror and tabs)
- Spare tire Rack $150 Stationary
- Roof Rack $650
- Glass wind shield with frame $650
- Cooler Rack $150
- Cages are made to order. Please allow 2 days for construction of cage.

We ship to the lower 48 states only. East coast shipping is between $300-400, west coast is between $125-200, central US is $200-300.

Call us for exact shipping price to your door 702-889-1741