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Alba Belt Gauge

Universal Belt Temperature gauge for your UTV

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This is the first addition you need to make to your UTV
It is simple. Heat is the number 1 killer of a belt. When your belt is too hot slow down let the belt cool to a safe level and get back on it.

-Greatly decrease your chance of breaking a belt.
-This is a complete kit.
-2 1/16" gauge.
-Easy to install.
-Carbon composite case.
-High torque electric stepper motor with microprocessor.
-Very high quality weatherproof and vibration proof design.
-Calibrated for ambient air temperature.
-Made with pride in the USA.
-Read below for more info.

The third picture is a chart by Gates (the producer of most all CVT belts). The chart shows the relation of ambient air temperature around the belt and belt life. As you can see heat has a huge impact. This is exactly what our Gauge is measuring. Overheating your belt once will effect it for the rest of its shortened life.