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108cc stroker kit 2 for honda 50's and 70's


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Complete 108cc Stroker kit for Honda crf and xr 50 and 70cc engines 1988 to current. Kit includes piston, race head, cylinder, cam, carburetor, throttle cable, gaskets, intake, crank, and filter.

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Complete Stroker Kit 2  (Now with 24mm Carburetor!)


This is hands down the biggest and baddest big bore kit we offfer for your Honda 50/70 pitbike. 51mm crank, 52mm piston and cylinder with no boring needed. This kit puts about around 2hp more than our 88cc race head kit and will stomp any of the chinese engines out there up to 125cc. We have been selling these kits since 2004 and have had nothing but great results and happy customers!


 The kit includes the following parts:

- 51mm Crankshaft
- High compression piston with rings, pin, & clips (Runs on pump gas 91 octane)
- Race Head – Larger valves and porting for increased performance. Also has bigger cooling fins. Includes all necessary parts. Comes fully assembled
- Lightweight aluminum cylinder with steel sleeve, cast in mounts for skid plates, and larger cooling fins.
- High performance race camshaft
- 24mm Carburetor kit with intake, airfilter, and throttle cable.
- Crankcase and clutch cover gaskets
- Head gasket kit


Installation of this kit requires the engine cases to be split. You will need a Honda manual and proper tools to complete install. We highly recommend having a professional shop install this kit. This kit does not come with installation instructions.


Recommended parts to go with this kit

- High volume oil pump
- Performance Cdi Rev box