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.50 Caliber Extended Swingarms Kit 1


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Fits Honda xr50 and crf50 and many chinese Pit Bikes


This is our new 3+ swingarm. We call it the big bike swingarm because thats what will have after you add this. Rides incredible compared to stock style swingarms and delivers 9 inches of wheel travel. This is the biggest bang for the buck when it comes to swingarms for your 50.

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This swingarm set up will raise a stock Honda 50 just over 3 inches.This swingarm fits the Honda 70 as well and will raise it betwwen .5-1 inch.

Complete Kit #1 includes
3 1/4" extended swingarm with 9" of travel
50caliber rebound shock w/reservoir and 800lb spring
Mounting bracket for stock or aftermarket frame
Chain guide and slide
Extended brake rod
Raises ride hieght by 4 inches
Free chain!

This swingarm will not work with a 12" wheel