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Skat Trak Front Tire and Paddle


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We have the Skat-Trak Front Tire and two different Paddles right here for your next UTV outing !

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UTV Front Tire Ruff Buff 32x11x15

Our “Ruff Buff” buffing rasp is a coarser grit/grain, and is comparable to sand paper more like a rough 80 grit. Our Ruff Buff is very popular in our UTV applications with 4-wheel drive, as this Ruff Buff used on Front Tires does have a little bit of traction. Our Ruff Buff is our standard buff and comes stock on all our rear Paddle Tire options unless specially requested otherwise.


The Extreme Paddle

7/8” Tall X 11” Wide - 3.3oz.

The Extreme Paddle is based on the most popular paddle-the Hauler. The Extreme is a full 1/8” thicker at the base of the paddle to give you a more sure footed grip for larger, heavier, and higher horsepower machines. Each set of tires are custom made to your order. You choose the tires size you want, the style and quantity paddle you want, any special buffing options and we custom make it to you order.

Recommended Tire Sizes For This Paddle:

20X10X08    20X11X09     21X12X08     22X11X08   22X11X10

23X10.5X12  24X11X10      25X12X09    25X10X12   25X12X10

26X12X12     26X12.5X10  26X12.5X12  27X11X12    30X10X14

30X11X14      30X13X14   30x12.5x14     32x11x14      32x13.5x14

32x13.5x15    32x11x15


The Talon Paddle

7/8” Tall X 14” Wide - 3.3oz.


This paddle is comparable to the Extreme paddle in that it is the same height and depth as our Extreme, but it is 14 in wide. This will help the paddle cover the whole width of the tire and provide better traction.

Recommended Tire Sizes For This Paddle:

26X12.5X10     26X12.5X12 30X11X14

30X13X14     30x12.5x14     32x11x14

32x13.5x14      32x13.5x15    32x11x15