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12 x 1.25 mm Chrome Spiked Lug Nuts - 16 Pack


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16 Splined Lug Nuts with Chrome Finish and Anodized Aluminum Spike - 12  x  1.25mm Thread Pitch

Be sure to select color before ordering!.

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Spiked Lug nuts with 12 x 1.25mm Thread Pitch

Set of 16 splined tapered style lug nuts. Durable and attractive chrome finish with anodized aluminum spikes add an aggressive look to any vehicle. 20mm Diameter to better fit custom wheels with narrow lug bores. Includes socket key with matching splines. Available in a variety of colors to match the look of your ride. Fits Kawasaki Teryx and Yamaha YXZ1000R. Will also fit many Nissan, Toyota and Honda cars with 12 x 1.25mm Lugs. If you are unsure if they will fit your application please ask! Includes 16 lug nuts and installation tool.


- 12 x 1.25mm Thread Pitch
- Set of 16 Lug Nuts
- 60 Degree Tapered Seats
- 20mm Diameter
- Lug Nut Length: 1 1/2 inch
- Spike Length: 1/2 inch
- Total Installed Length: 2 1/2 inch
- Hardened Steel with Chrome Finish
- Anodized Aluminum Spikes
- Included Splined Key: K569

Fit the following machines. Compatible only with wheels which have tapered lug seats.

Kawasaki Mule 2500/3000/4000 series (1990-Up)
Kawasaki KRF750 Teryx (2008-Up)
Yamaha YXZ1000R (2015-Up)

* Please Note:

- These are tapered 12 x 1.25mm lug nuts. Please make sure that they are the correct thread pitch and the seat style is compatible with your wheels before ordering
- We recommend using blue thread locking compound on the threads of the spikes at the time of installation

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