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Polaris RZR XP1000 Heavy Duty Radius Rods


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2014 - 2016

Heavy Duty Radius Rod Kit for XP1000 2 & 4 seat models

Stock rods are weak and easily fail during aggressive driving or racing. When they fail they usually cause massive damage: destroyed shocks, bent trailing arms, and bent and/or wallowed out frame tabs. These radius rods completely solve this problem with 1.25" CNC rods, 5/8" Heim joints made from 4130 Chromoly for a bulletproof setup. Raw or black powdercoat finish.

Be sure to specify RZR year, heim joint option & finish before ordering!

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50 Caliber Racing Heavy Duty Radius Rod Kit for RZR XP1000 (fits both 2 and 4 seat models)

Our rods are machined right here in the USA from solid 6061 CNC Billet aluminum and fitted with 5/8 inch steel heim joints. The rods are 1.25" diameter for extreme duty and they are as stout as it gets. We have done extensive testing on these rods, racing BITD, WORCS and the Mint 400, and have not had a single failure. They are designed for racing, extreme jumping, high speed whoops and all other abusive driving styles that you can dish out. If you want a bulletproof setup in the rear of your RZR, you need these rods!

Kit includes:
- Solid 6061 Billet Aluminum Upper and Lower Radius Rods (4 total)
- (8) RHT 5/8" Heim Joints & jam nuts - 4130 Chromoly with PTFE liner
- (16) High Misalignment Spacers (4 different sizes - 4 of each)
- CNC Engraved Logo on the upper rods only
- Available in raw finish or powdercoat
- 2 Year Warranty (normal wear and tear to heims is not covered under warranty)
- Simple install with no modifications needed
- Made with pride in the USA!

- Polaris changed the bolt size midyear in 2017. Bolt size must MUST be verified before ordering!
- 2014 through 2016 and some 2017 uses 10mm diameter bolts and use a 15mm size wrench.
- 2017.5 - up uses 12mm diameter bolts and use an 18mm wrench. 
- All 4 heims joints are right hand threads which makes it impossible for rod to completely unscrew itself from the machine if the lock nuts were to come loose.


Part #s:  RR1000 / RR1000CB  (10mm bolt size)

- XP 1000 (2014-2017.5)

Part #s: RR1000C17/ RR1000C17B  (12mm bolt size)

- XP 1000 (2017.5-2023)

Why do I need these rods?
50 Caliber Racing's Heavy Duty Radius Rods were designed to address one of the biggest flaws in the Polaris rear suspension design. The stock rods are extremely weak and will fail for many of you Polaris customers out there. They just don't hold up to aggressive driving. When they fail they usually destroy your shock, bend the trailing arm, bend frame tabs, and wallow out the holes on your frame.