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50 Cal LED 4ft Lighted Whip


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4ft LED Lighted Whip - Up to 20 Colors and Bluetooth Adjustable Strobe Effects!

Add Safety & Visibility to your Ride with our Spiraling 50 Caliber Racing LED Whip Light which boasts over 300 LEDs for a Super Bright Light Display and over 300 Eye-Catching Patterns that is sure to grab the attention of anyone passing by. All Controlled with an Easy-to-Use App in your Phone.

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4ft LED Lighted Whip w/Bluetooth Remote - Up to 20 Colors and Remote Adjustable Strobe Effects!

-4 ft LED Whip Light with Black Quick Release Base
  • -Silicone Coated for Durability & Vibrance
  • -Unique Design for Brighter Light Display
  • -Sealed to protect from water, mud, sand, dirt, wind, etc. 
  • -Resistant to Shock and Vibration
  • -Over 300 patterns to choose from
  • -Adjustable Speed and Brightness